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Lola Beltran

website by Jason Jacob



Lola Beltran is considered one of the most important and charismatic vocalists to ever come out of Mexico. She performed the Mexican style of music known as Ranchera. Lola was born in El Rosario, Sinaloa in 1932.  Her full birth name was María Luscila Beltrán Ruiz Alcayaga.  She died on March 25th, 1996, due to an untimely stroke.  Throughout her career she received many awards and performed all over the world.  She performed for many world leaders including John F. Kennedy and Francisco Franco.  Lola is often referred to as “Lola the Great.”  This shows the tremendous impact that she had on the Mexico.


Here is a sound-clip of Lola Beltran performing a Ranchera piece of music:



Here is an additional piece:



Much of Lola’s performances involves the traditional Mexican Mariachi band.  This usually involves some type of guitar or guitars, as well as some type of a brass instrument. 


Lola Beltran will forever remain one of the most beloved musical performances to ever come out of Mexico.



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